Tuesday, June 9, 2009

its time to catch up

WOW! It has been way to long!! I am so busy now I forget if I have even taken my shower....my life is pretty much CRAZY :) So I think its time to get back to blogging :) Lets start off by saying "Yes, I've had my baby girl"....this is why I have no time anymore. Avery Lea joined us on May 6th, 2009 and she is such a blessing! Drew is doing wonderful, he loves to play with her toes and he likes to tickle her little feet, it is so funny to him. The first week she was home he didnt know what to think, but he has adjusted well. When she cries he will go find a bottle or binkie to give her, its so sweet. It is definitely different with two babies, they are 14 months apart, so I have my hands full. We are doing wonderful though, Andy has been such a big help, I have a huge respect for single mothers, there is no way I could do this by myself. He has stepped up big time, and Drew has been a daddy's boy. Having two little ones is wonderful, they keep my busy :) Here are a few pics of the past few weeks :) 

My two sweet babies...they dont sleep like this, I moved them next to each other once they were both out :)