Saturday, February 21, 2009

i know, i know...its been too long

yes, it has been too long since I've posted, but I cant sleep so why not post over the past few months. First off, Harper is doing wonderful, Praise the Lord, she is home and healthy and beautiful! I am doing good, just staying busy! My 11 1/2 month old, Drew, is keeping me busy, plus being 27 weeks pregnant doesnt help, but I manage :) Everything is going wonderful, Andy and I are planning Drew's first birthday party which is Saturday and I cant wait! His birthday is March 4th, I cant believe how fast it has flown by. I will be posting pictures of his party :) Little Avery is just growing in my tummy, I think she is going to be a big one! I am huge!! I am wearing shirts now that I wore with Drew two days before I had him and they are starting to be too small for me now! Something just isnt right about that! We go for an ultrasound on Tuesday to see her and we cant wait! Andy is already crazy about her, so I know she is going to be rotten, but so is Drew! Drew is his daddy made over!! Life is wonderful and I couldnt ask for a better family in the world, we are truly blessed. In January we took a cruise, my parents got it for us for Christmas, and had the best time! Drew stayed home with some of our family, so it was like a second honeymoon for us, only I was 20 weeks pregnant. I told Andy we have got to wait a few years for baby #3....he said 2 years record isnt very good, I get pregnant way too fast, but I guess that can be blessing at the same time. Hope you all are doing wonderful and I will keep you updated better, but working 40 hours a week and taking care of 2 boys(thats would be andy and drew) and keeping the house clean and dinner cooked and being pregnant, can be a little tough :) lol.....but I wouldnt change it for the world. Here are a few pictures from our cruise

Me and my niece Maggie, she was kissing Avery :) 
Andy and I in St. Maarten
on our balcony is Puerto Rico 
We were leaving Miami