Monday, November 10, 2008

I had a wonderful weekend, Andy was off all weekend and his sister came in town to visit and see Drew. Drew spent the night with her and Andy's parents Saturday night so we had a relaxing night at home. I can't believe my baby boy is growing up so fast! He is 8 months old and crawling everywhere! And he stood up in his bed Saturday morning! I was so excited! He is getting his own personality and has the sweetest smile that will just melt you heart. I cant believe I will be having another baby in May, its so crazy to me to think of what will I do with two of them! Busy Busy Busy!! I never thought being a mommy was this much fun and its truly a blessing! Hope u have a wonderful day :)


Stacy Gibbs said...

Yay! You posted! Look at sweet boy! He is getting so big, so fast!

Lauren said...

What an adorable little boy! And to think you'll have another little one in May...oh my goodness! :)

I think you'll love blogging - I've made so many friends doing it and it's nice to "talk" to adults sometimes!

Stacy Gibbs said...

Hey girl! I tagged your blog! Go read my latest post for more info! :)