Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

Stacy has tagged me, but I will probably not tag anyone, because I still don't know too many people on here and the ones I do know have already done something like this, but I will do my 7 random facts about me :) it was hard for me to think of this because I cant think of 7 things....but here are a few things i thought of....

1. I love honey! I put honey on everything and if I don't have any then I just don't eat it, Andy tells me to just keep some in my purse but I've done that and it leaked, so there went that idea...

2. I've been to South Africa for missions 

3. I would love to have like 10 kids, some adopted

4. I was in labor for 33 hours....way too long! 

5. I married a man (Andy) that for 6 years I told everyone that I would never marry him.....God has a funny sense of humor and Andy never gave up on me :) 

6. I'm hooked on Vicks Vapor Rub...when I was pregnant with Drew I got sick and had a stuff nose and couldn't breathe and ever since then I have to put it on my nose, lips and throat every night before bed (Andy doesn't care for that too much)...and the puffs with Vick's are the best!  

7. I love purses! I have a closet full and I like to change at least once a month 

Hope you enjoy ;) 


Betsy Ann said...

Hey girl! I love your blog! Cute background and your wedding/engagement pics are precious. I love your "fire mommy" tagline. You're so cute! I'd love to get together soon. Email me on Facebook with a few days coming up that Andy is off, and I can compare it to BJ's schedule. Surely we can find a time in the next week or two!! You want to go to someone's house? With the kiddos that might be easier than doing a restaurant. We can order pizza or bring stuff to cook.

Stacy Gibbs said...

hehe...The honey thing made me laugh..I always remember everytime we would eat chicken nuggets with honey! And now McDonald's doesn't give honey! CRAZY! Lol..I liked reading all your facts! :)